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About Meaghan

My love for the arts stretches back as far as I can remember.  As a little girl, I spent hours drawing pictures of horses and nature, taking dance classes, and bossily designing homes while playing childhood games like "house" or "school".  I grew up in the south Georgian Bay area, living in Penetanguishene and Elmvale.  I moved away to Guelph where I attended a year of art school however decided it wasn't the right fit, so I took time off from academics and several years later,  returned to my studies and obtained my undergraduate degree in social work.  I settled in Orangeville after securing my first full time job post grad, however two years later felt drawn back to Georgian here I am!  It just feels like home here, a place where I can rest my head and my soul, recharging for new adventures and exploring.

I think this is reflected in my art.  I often base my work around water and nature, or other things I find beautiful.  It is so important to surround ourselves with things that lift our spirits or soothe our minds.  I believe art has the ability to do that, and can be used as a way to communicate or express ourselves.

I lost touch with painting for a few years after leaving art school, however remained connected to the arts through teaching dance and opening my sketchbook for the occasional drawing.  These days I focus on implementing the arts into my life any way I can.  In addition to painting and clay making, I enjoy taking adult dance classes (tap is still my favourite, all these years later) and teaching myself the ukulele (it is very challenging to sing and strum at the same time).  While Meaghan Schitka Arts is something I have wanted to build for a long time, it is my evening and weekend project, as I work full time in community health care.  I love it that way!  When I am not working or making art, you can find me hiking, at the beach, reading a book on my Kobo, or relaxing with loved ones.


Q: There are minor imperfections in my polymer clay items, why is that?

A: Polymer clay is a malleable medium, and I use my hands to condition, roll, press, cut, and sand each piece.  I strive for high quality pieces and take time to ensure there are minimal markings or traces of fingerprints.  Due to making my clay pieces by hand, there will be slight differences in each individual earring in a set- think of them as cousins, not siblings!

Q: My items look different in person than they appeared online, why is this?

A: Every device's monitor/screen has a different colour display.  I do my best to capture the colour in my art accurately through photographs, though I unfortunately can not account for you device's colour settings!

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: I currently ship within Canada and the United States (I am based in Ontario, Canada), however if you are located internationally, please contact me directly so that we can discuss possible shipping options.  

Q: My order arrived damaged, how can we address this?

A: There is always a risk with shipping handmade items through postal services.  I take pride in ensuring your order is safely packaged and will arrive as such.  If your item arrived damaged, please contact me directly and we will discuss.  I am unable to offer refunds at this time.  I am not accountable for damage acquired during shipping.

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